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Creative solutions for 

organizations and communities.




Adjective: Done by people acting as a group

Noun: A cooperative enterprise


Verb: Make or become different

- Oxford Dictionaries

Making a positive change, regardless of the size of the group, is highly dependent on fully understanding the problem(s), having access to the necessary resources, and being empowered to take action.  Collective Change Consulting is an organizational and community development entity that works with clients to build the collective response to issues in identifying and assessing the situation, defining the future vision, and mapping out steps to achieve their goals.  


Jayne Andreen brings more than 35 years of experience working in the both the private and public sectors, supporting positive change across a variety of social and health issues.  Well-grounded in evidence-based practice, Jayne tailors the work to the specific needs and resources of each client.  She is committed to understanding an organization’s culture, it’s strengths and challenges and working with clients to customize programs accordingly, never taking a one-size-fits all approach.  Promoting collaboration throughout her work, Jayne recognizes and promotes the value of collective action, bringing all pertinent stakeholders to be a part of the solution.  



Weaving best available practice with practical common sense & available resources.





Collective Change Consulting

Jayne E. Andreen
2210 A Raven Road
Douglas, Alaska 99824
Phone: 907-723-5035

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